High-sensitivity β-Ga_2O_3 solar-blind photodetector on high-temperature pretreated c-plane sapphire substrate


Qian, Ling-Xuan
Zhang, Hua-Fan
Lai, P. T.
Wu, Ze-Han
Liu, Xing-Zhao

KAUST Department
Photonics Laboratory

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Recently, monoclinic Ga2O3 (beta-Ga2O3) photodetectors (PDs) have been extensively studied for various commercial and military applications due to the merits of intrinsic solar rejection, high gain, and great compactness. In this work, c-plane sapphire substrates were annealed under different temperatures in a vacuum furnace prior to the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) of beta-Ga2O3 thin film, which yielded a smoother surface and even a terraceand- step-like morphology on the substrate, resulting in improved crystallinity of the epitaxial film. Accordingly, both the dark and photo currents of beta-Ga2O3 metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) PDs were increased by the enhanced carrier mobility (mu) of the more crystalline film. However, the substrate-annealing temperature must be sufficiently high to offset the rise of the dark current and thus achieve a remarkable improvement in the photodetection properties. As a result, the PD fabricated on the 1050 degrees C-annealed substrate exhibited extremely high sensitivity, for example, high responsivity (R) of 54.9 A/ W and large specific detectivity (D*) of 3.71 x 10(14) Jones. Both parameters were increased by one order of magnitude because of the combined effects of the dramatic increase in mu and the effective reduction in defect-related recombination centers. Nevertheless, the latter also prolonged the recovery time of the PD. These findings suggest another way to develop beta-Ga2O3 PD with extremely high sensitivity. (C) 2017 Optical Society of America

Qian L-X, Zhang H-F, Lai PT, Wu Z-H, Liu X-Z (2017) High-sensitivity β-Ga_2O_3 solar-blind photodetector on high-temperature pretreated c-plane sapphire substrate. Optical Materials Express 7: 3643. Available: http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/OME.7.003643.

National Natural Science Foundation of China (61504022).

The Optical Society

Optical Materials Express


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