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Dewan, Leslie
Dewan, Leslie


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The world needs a cheap, carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels to feed its growing electricity demand. Nuclear power can be a good solution to the problem, but is hindered by issues of safety, waste, proliferation, and cost. But what if we could try a new approach to nuclear power, one that solves these problems?In this lecture, the CEO of Transatomic Power will talk about how their company is advancing the design of a compact molten salt reactor to support the future of carbon-free energy production.Can the designs of new reactor push the boundaries of nuclear technology to allow for a safe, clean, and affordable answer to humanity energy needs? Nuclear power involves capturing the energy produced in nuclear fission reactions, which emerges as heat. This heat is most frequently used to boil water into steam, which then drives a turbine to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant. Worldwide, there is a renaissance of new nuclear technology development -- a new generation of young engineers are racing to develop more advanced nuclear reactors for a better form of power generation. Transatomic Power, specifically, is advancing the design of an easily contained and controlled, atmospheric pressure, high power density molten salt reactor that can be built at low cost. The road to commercialization is long, and poses many challenges, but the benefits are enormous. These new reactors push the boundaries of technology to allow for better, safer ways to power the world.

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Dr. Leslie Dewan is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Transatomic Power, a nuclear reactor design company based in Cambridge, MA, that is developing the next generation of sustainable nuclear power plants. Leslie received her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from MIT, and also holds S.B. degrees from MIT in mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering. Leslie has been awarded an MIT Presidential Fellowship and a Department of Energy ComputationalScience Graduate Fellowship. She is a member of the MIT Corporation, MITs board of trustees, and was named a TIME Magazine "30 People Under 30 Changing the World,".

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Winter Enrichment Program 2018

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