Qademah Fault Passive Data


In this field trip we collect passive data to

  1.  Convert passive to surface waves
  2.  Locate Qademah fault using surface wave migration


In this field trip we collected passive data for several days. This data will be used to find the surface waves using interferometry and then compared to active-source seismic data collected at the same location.

A total of 288 receivers are used. A 3D layout with 5 m inline intervals and 10 m cross line intervals is used, where we used 12 lines with 24 receivers at each line.

You will need to download the file (rec_times.mat), it contains important information about

  1.  Field record no
  2.  Record day
  3.  Record month
  4.  Record hour
  5.  Record minute
  6.  Record second
  7.  Record length

P.S. 1. All files are converted from original format (SEG-2) to matlab format

P.S. 2. Overlaps between records (10 to 1.5 sec.) are already removed from these files

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