Effects of Geometry on Passive Pre-Chamber Combustion Characteristics

Towards a fundamental understanding of the ignition characteristics of pre-chamber (PC) combustion engines, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations were conducted using CONVERGE. To assist the initial design of the KAUST pre-chamber engine experiments, the primary focus of the present study was to assess the impact of design parameters such as throat diameter, nozzle diameter, and nozzle length. The well-stirred reactor combustion model coupled with a methane oxidation mechanism reduced from GRI 3.0 was used. A homogeneous charge of methane and air with λ = 1.3 on both the PC and main chamber (MC) was assumed. The geometrical parameters were shown to affect the pre-chamber combustion characteristics, such as pressure build-up, radical formation, and heat release as well as the composition of the jets penetrating and igniting the main chamber charge. In addition, the backflow of species pushed inside the pre-chamber due to the flow reversal (FR) event was analyzed. It was found that the narrow throat type of pre-chamber is strongly influenced by the throat diameter, but weakly influence by nozzle length. A flow reversal pattern was observed, which promoted the accumulation of intermediate species in the PC, leading to a secondary heat release.

Silva, M., Sanal, S., Hlaing, P., Cenker, E., Johansson, B., & Im, H. G. (2020). Effects of Geometry on Passive Pre-Chamber Combustion Characteristics. SAE Technical Paper Series. doi:10.4271/2020-01-0821

The paper is based upon work supported by Saudi Aramco Research and Development Center FUELCOM3 program under Master Research Agreement Number 6600024505/01. FUELCOM (Fuel Combustion for Advanced Engines) is a collaborative research undertaking between Saudi Aramco and KAUST intended to address the fundamental aspects of hydrocarbon fuel combustion in engines, and develop fuel/engine design tools suitable for advanced combustion modes. The computational simulations utilized the Shaheen supercomputer at KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory. The authors thank Convergent Science Inc. for providing the CONVERGE license.

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