Your future in Science and Technology: breathtaking opportunities and significant choices


Metayer, Estelle
Metayer, Estelle


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A voyage into the technologies which will change our world in the next 20 years. A deep thinking into the responsibilities that will come from the scientific choices we make, and the dilemmas the science and technology community will have to resolve. We'll also explore the new industries and jobs that will emerge and how you, in this fascinating new world, will develop the personal skills and toolkit to learn to pick weak signals, probe your blindspots and grow as a leader. Finally, this thought-provoking keynote will demystify the profound impact science and technology will have in the future of work, our relations with each other, and with the world around us.

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Entrepreneur, trend-spotter, reputed public speaker. Facililator, strategic governance workshops on future trends and industry disruption. Estelle Metayer is an expert and thought leader in Competitive and Strategic Intelligence. Her passion lies in deciphering how managers, CEOs, and board members build and improve their strategic planning and competitive intelligence capabilities, especially with regard to avoiding strategic blindspots. Her best work focus on companies that need to drastically change the way they do business or grow aggressively. Estelle is a noted public speaker at numerous international conferences, including a presentation at Davos in 2012, and facilitates strategic workshops around the world. She contributes to events she speaks at through social media postings to more than 100,000 followers (17,000 on Twitter, 10,000 on Pinterest, over 60,000 on Flipboard). Estelle is an adjunct professor at McGill University and a guest lecturer at IMD (Switzerland), and past joint programs with MIT, the IMB (India) and INSEAD. Faculty, Institute of Corporate Directors (Canada). She is the author or co-author of leading-edge articles on social media intelligence, strategy and leadership with Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and McKinsey Quarterly.Estelle was formerly a consultant at the international Strategic Consulting firm McKinsey Company, where she gained first-hand practical consulting experience in aerospace, consumer goods, and financial services. She then founded and was president of a leading training organization for executives and analysts in Strategic Intelligence, for which she received in 2000 the Arista Sunlife Award for "Entrepreneur of the Year." She sold her company in 2004.

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Winter Enrichment Program 2017

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