Shape-Preserving Stereo Object Remapping via Object-Consistent Grid Warping

Viewing various stereo images under different viewing conditions has escalated the need for effective object-level remapping techniques. In this paper, we propose a new object spatial mapping scheme, which adjusts the depth and size of the selected object to match user preference and viewing conditions. Existing warping-based methods often distort the shape of important objects or cannot faithfully adjust the depth/size of the selected object due to improper warping such as local rotations. In this paper, by explicitly reducing the transformation freedom degree of warping, we propose an optimization model based on axis-aligned warping for object spatial remapping. The proposed axis-aligned warping based optimization model can simultaneously adjust the depths and sizes of selected objects to their target values without introducing severe shape distortions. Moreover, we propose object consistency constraints to ensure the size/shape of parts inside a selected object to be consistently adjusted. Such constraints improve the size/shape adjustment performance while remaining robust to some extent to incomplete object extraction. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method achieves high flexibility and effectiveness in adjusting the size and depth of objects compared with existing methods.

Li, B., Lin, C.-W., Zheng, C., Liu, S., Ghanem, B., Gao, W., & Kuo, C.-C. J. (2021). Shape-Preserving Stereo Object Remapping via Object-Consistent Grid Warping. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 1–1. doi:10.1109/tip.2021.3089947


IEEE Transactions on Image Processing


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