Atomically Precise Copper Nanoclusters: Syntheses, Structures, and Properties

Compared with gold and silver nanoclusters (NCs), copper NCs often exhibit different but more complex geometrical motifs, thereby generating a potentially wider variety of nanocluster species. This chapter focuses on superatom-like copper NCs and copper(I) hydride NCs, including their synthesis, structural diversity, and properties. It also focuses on the synthesis of copper NCs with atomically precise structure. Such copper NCs are readily prepared by two main approaches: direct synthesis via the chemical reaction of cationic metal precursors and surface ligands and indirect synthesis, or nanocluster-to-nanocluster transformation, which is used to obtain novel copper-based NCs with different surface ligands, metal compositions, and dimensions. Hydrides are considered to play an indispensable role in constructing and stabilizing the structure of copper NCs. The chapter discusses copper NCs based on the electron count and hydrides in copper NCs.

Dong, C., Nematulloev, S., Yuan, P., & Bakr, O. M. (2023). Atomically Precise Copper Nanoclusters. Atomically Precise Nanochemistry, 257–283. Portico.



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