Learning the References of Online Model Predictive Control for Urban Self-Driving

In this work, we propose a novel learning-based online model predictive control (MPC) framework for motion synthesis of self-driving vehicles. In this framework, the decision variables are generated as instantaneous references to modulate the cost functions of online MPC, where the constraints of collision avoidance and drivable surface boundaries are latently represented in the soft form. Hence, the embodied maneuvers of the ego vehicle are empowered to adapt to complex and dynamic traffic environments, even with unmodeled uncertainties of other traffic participants. Furthermore, we implement a deep reinforcement learning (DRL) framework for policy search to cast the step actions as the decision variables, where the practical and lightweight observations are considered as the input features of the policy network. The proposed approach is implemented in the high-fidelity simulator involving compound-complex urban driving scenarios, and the results demonstrate that the proposed development manifests remarkable adaptiveness to complex and dynamic traffic environments with a success rate of 85%. Also, its advantages in terms of safety, maneuverability, and robustness are illustrated.



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