Multisource waveform inversion of marine streamer data using normalized wavefield

Multisource full-waveform inversion based on the L1- and L2-norm objective functions cannot be applied to marine streamer data because it does not take into account the unmatched acquisition geometries between the observed and modeled data. To apply multisource full-waveform inversion to marine streamer data, we construct the L1- and L2-norm objective functions using the normalized wavefield. The new residual seismograms obtained from the L1- and L2-norms using the normalized wavefield mitigate the problem of unmatched acquisition geometries, which enables multisource full-waveform inversion to work with marine streamer data. In the new approaches using the normalized wavefield, we used the back-propagation algorithm based on the adjoint-state technique to efficiently calculate the gradients of the objective functions. Numerical examples showed that multisource full-waveform inversion using the normalized wavefield yields much better convergence for marine streamer data than conventional approaches. © 2013 Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Choi, Y., & Alkhalifah, T. (2013). Multisource waveform inversion of marine streamer data using normalized wavefield. GEOPHYSICS, 78(5), R197–R206. doi:10.1190/geo2012-0491.1

We are grateful to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for financial support. We also thank the associate editor and the reviewers for their fruitful and helpful review of the paper.

Society of Exploration Geophysicists



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