Saturated excitation of Fluorescence to quantify excitation enhancement in aperture antennas

Fluorescence spectroscopy is widely used to probe the electromagnetic intensity amplification on optical antennas, yet measuring the excitation intensity amplification is a challenge, as the detected fluorescence signal is an intricate combination of excitation and emission. Here, we describe a novel approach to quantify the electromagnetic amplification in aperture antennas by taking advantage of the intrinsic non linear properties of the fluorescence process. Experimental measurements of the fundamental f and second harmonic 2f amplitudes of the fluorescence signal upon excitation modulation are used to quantify the electromagnetic intensity amplification with plasmonic aperture antennas. © 2012 Optical Society of America.

Aouani, H., Hostein, R., Mahboub, O., Devaux, E., Rigneault, H., Ebbesen, T. W., & Wenger, J. (2012). Saturated excitation of fluorescence to quantify excitation enhancement in aperture antennas. Optics Express, 20(16), 18085. doi:10.1364/oe.20.018085

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