NodePy: A package for the analysis of numerical ODE solvers

Ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are used to model a vast range of physical and other phenomena. They also arise in the discretization of partial differential equations. In most cases, solutions of differential equations must be approximated by numerical methods. The study of the properties of numerical methods for ODEs comprises an important and large body of knowledge. NodePy (available from, with documentation at is a software package for designing and studying the properties of numerical ODE solvers. For the most important classes of methods, NodePy can automatically assess their stability, accuracy, and many other properties. NodePy has also been used as a catalog of coefficients for time integration methods in PDE solver codes.

Ketcheson, D., Ranocha, H., Parsani, M., Waheed, U., & Hadjimichael, Y. (2020). NodePy: A package for the analysis of numerical ODE solvers. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(55), 2515. doi:10.21105/joss.02515

Much of the initial NodePy development was performed by D. Ketcheson while he was supported by a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. Development has also been supported by funding from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Additional minor contributions to the code have been provided by Mikael Mortensen, Alex Fikl, Sidafa Conde, John Sellers, Kevin Siswandi, and Colin Macdonald.

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