Dynamic Programming Approach for Construction of Association Rule Systems

In the paper, an application of dynamic programming approach for optimization of association rules from the point of view of knowledge representation is considered. The association rule set is optimized in two stages, first for minimum cardinality and then for minimum length of rules. Experimental results present cardinality of the set of association rules constructed for information system and lower bound on minimum possible cardinality of rule set based on the information obtained during algorithm work as well as obtained results for length.

Fawaz Alsolami, Talha Amin, Igor Chikalov, Mikhail Moshkov, Beata Zielosko. Dynamic Programming Approach for Construction of Association Rule Systems. FI. IOS Press; 2016;147: 159–171. doi:10.3233/FI-2016-1402

Research reported in this publication was supported by the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The authors are greatly indebted to reviewers for useful comments.

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