Synthesis of cyclohepta[b]indoles via gold mediated energy transfer photocatalysis

Photocatalysis involving energy transfer (EnT) has become a valuable technique for building intricate organic frameworks mostly through [2+2]-cycloaddition reactions. Herein, we report a synthetic method leading to functionalized cyclohepta[b]indoles, an important structural motif in natural products and pharmaceuticals, using gold-mediated energy transfer photocatalysis. The scope of this operationally simple and atom-economical strategy is presented. Density functional theory studies were employed in order to gain insights into the mechanism of formation of the cyclohepta[b]indole core.

We gratefully acknowledge support from the Special Research Fund (BOF) of Ghent University (project grants to SPN) and the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) (G0A6823N). YZ thanks the China Scholarship Council (CSC) (project 202206870016) for a PhD fellowship. LC thanks KAUST for financial support through grants CRG9 no. 4343 and 4701, and the KAUST Core Labs for computational time on the Shaheen HPC platform managed by KSL.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Chemical Communications


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