Biorecognition elements

Nowadays, wearable biosensors are considered the most recent cutting-edge technology in the field of analytical biochemistry. They have attracted increasing attention due to their promising potential to revolutionize traditional medical diagnostic methods. In this context, we present the recent trends related to the applications of biorecognition elements in wearable electrical, electrochemical, and optical biosensing devices. Indeed, the first section of this chapter deals with the main biorecognition elements employed, and the most used immobilization techniques for the development of wearable biosensors. In the second part, we highlight the different applications of wearable biosensors in body fluids, including saliva, sweat, and tears. Finally, we summarize the current challenges and prospects of the implementation of biorecognition elements in wearable biosensors field.

Lahcen, A. A., & Amine, A. (2022). Biorecognition elements. Wearable Physical, Chemical and Biological Sensors, 41–70.



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