Cooperation schemes for rate enhancement in detect-and-forward relay channels

To improve the spectral efficiency of "Detect-and-Forward" (DetF) half-duplex relaying in fading channels, we propose a cooperation scheme where the relay uses a modulation whose order is higher than the one at the source. In a new common framework, we show that the proposed scheme offers considerable gains - in terms of achievable information rates - compared to the conventional DetF relaying schemes for both orthogonal and non-orthogonal source/relay cooperation. This allows us to propose an adaptive cooperation scheme based on the maximization of the information rate at the destination which needs to observe only the average signal-to-noise ratios of direct and relaying links. ©2010 IEEE.

Benjillali, M., Szczecinski, L., & Alouini, M.-S. (2010). Cooperation Schemes for Rate Enhancement in Detect-And-Forward Relay Channels. 2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications. doi:10.1109/icc.2010.5501890

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications

Conference/Event Name
2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 2010


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