Laboratory coupling tests for optimum land streamer design over sand dunes surface

The cost of data acquisition in land is becoming a major issue as we strive to cover larger areas with seismic surveys at high resolution. Over sand dunes the problem is compounded by the week coupling obtain using geophones, which often forces us to bury the phone. A major challenge is designing such a land streamer system that combines durability, mobility and the required coupling. We share a couple of such designs and discuss the merits behind such designs and test their capability. The testing includes, the level of coupling, mobility and drag over sand surfaces. For specific designs loose sand can accumulate inside the steamer reducing its mobility. On the other hand, poor coupling will attenuate the high frequencies and cause an effective delay in the signal. The weight of the streamer is also an important factor in both mobility and coupling as it adds to the coupling it reduces the mobility of the streamer. We study the impact of weight and base plate surface area on the seismic signal quality, as well as the friction factor of different designs.

Almalki, H., Alata, M., & Alkhalifah, T. (2012). Laboratory coupling tests for optimum land streamer design over sand dunes surface. ASEG Extended Abstracts, 2012(1), 1–4. doi:10.1071/aseg2012ab066

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22nd International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition


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