Anticancer effect and laser photostability of ternary graphene oxide/chitosan/silver nanocomposites on various cancer cell lines

Aims: The development of nanocomposites (NCs) of antitumor activity provides a new paradigm for fighting cancer. Here, a novel NC of green synthetic silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), graphene oxide (GO) and chitosan (Cs) NPs was developed. Materials & methods: The prepared GO/Cs/Ag NCs were analyzed using various techniques. Cytotoxicity of the NCs was evaluated against different cancer cell lines by Sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay. Results: GO/Cs/Ag NCs are novel and highly stable. UV-Vis showed two peaks at 227 and 469 nm, indicating the decoration of AgNPs on the surface of GO/Cs NPs. All tested cell lines were affected by GO/Cs NPs and GO/Cs/Ag NCs. Conclusion: The results indicate that GO/Cs/Ag NCs were present on tested cell lines and are a promising candidate for cancer therapy.

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