Scalability of h-BN Based Memristors: Yield and Variability Considerations

This paper investigates the impact of scalability on h-BN based memristors, with a focus on yield and variability. Motivated by the atomic-defect-enabled operation mechanism of h-BN memristors, a stochastic geometry modelling framework is employed to characterize the distribution of atomic defects across a large array of devices. This is coupled with a probabilistic defect activation model to characterize the SET voltage. The model is benchmarked to experimental results for monolayer and multi-layer h-BN devices. The presented results highlight the profound impact of scalability on device yield, device-to-device variability and SET voltage.

Abdelrahman, A. S., ElSawy, H., Lanza, M., Akinwande, D., & Al-Dirini, F. (2023). Scalability of h-BN Based Memristors: Yield and Variability Considerations. 2023 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop (SNW).


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2023 Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop (SNW)


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