Three-Phase Buck-Boost Inverter with Reduced Current Ripple

This paper proposes a novel three-phase inverter. It has the buck-boost operation and contains only six active switches. The proposed buck-boost inverter remarkably reduces the current ripple of the voltage source and input inductors. As a result, the input filters and can be designed much smaller, the internal power loss in the input voltage sources such as batteries can be decreased, and their life can be improved. This feature is achieved by doubling the effective switching frequency of the input inductors through the coupled inductors. The proposed inverter is extremely reliable because it is free of short-circuit issues. Moreover, the reverse recovery loss of the body diodes of the MOSFETs can be eliminated. Experiments have been conducted with a 1.5-kW laboratory prototype at a 50 kHz switching frequency for the line-line output voltage of 220 Vrms/60.

Khan, A. A., Khan, U. A., & Ahmad, S. (2021). Three-Phase Buck-Boost Inverter with Reduced Current Ripple. 2021 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE). doi:10.1109/ecce47101.2021.9595511


Conference/Event Name
13th IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2021


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