Synthesis of Ni-SiO2/silicalite-1 core-shell micromembrane reactors and their reaction/diffusion performance

Core-shell micromembrane reactors are a novel class of materials where a catalyst and a shape-selective membrane are synergistically housed in a single particle. In this work, we report the synthesis of micrometer -sized core-shell particles containing a catalyst core and a thin permselective zeolite shell and their application as a micromembrane reactor for the selective hydrogenation of the 1-hexene and 3,3-dimethyl-1-butene isomers. The bare catalyst, which is made from porous silica loaded with catalytically active nickel, showed no reactant selectivity between hexene isomers, but the core-shell particles showed high selectivities up to 300 for a 1-hexene conversion of 90%. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

Khan, E. A., Rajendran, A., & Lai, Z. (2010). Synthesis of Ni−SiO2/Silicalite-1 Core−Shell Micromembrane Reactors and Their Reaction/Diffusion Performance. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49(24), 12423–12428. doi:10.1021/ie101850j

Financial supports provided by the NTU start-up funding M58120001 and AcRF tier-1 funding RG26/07, and KAUST distribution fund allocated to Z.P Lai are gratefully acknowledged

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