Hydrogen/hydrogen peroxide laminar diffusion opposed-flow flame


Li, Jiajun


Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) has been widely used in rocketry as a propellant. It is also used as a fuel additive to improve combustion efficiency and lower CO2/NOx emissions in energy systems. Given its chemical structure, HP could also be used as an oxidant in combustion applications. Hydrogen is a promising clean energy In this study, one-dimensional numerical simulations were conducted using the opposed-flow non-premixed laminar flame routine of the CHEMKIN-Pro, to better understand the range of stability limits of H2/HP laminar flames. The fuel stream is H2 while the oxidizer stream consists of HP in water (H2O). Parametric studies of HP concentration, oxidizer temperature, strain rate, and pressure were carried out to better understand the flame structure and the chemical kinetic coupling between HP and H2.

Conference/Event Name
KAUST Research Conference Hydrogen Based Mobility and Power

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