Recent Submissions

  • Revamping our wastewater treatment process with anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) and hybrids: addressing global challenges

    Hong, Peiying (2022-08-02) [Poster]
    More than 50% of the global population lives in water-scarce areas. Reclaimed wastewater can be used to alleviate water scarcity. However, conventional wastewater processes incur high energy footprint and emit greenhouse gases when generating reclaimed water. More sustainable wastewater treatment alternatives are needed to produce high quality reclaimed water, hence addressing both water scarcity and climate change simultaneously.
  • The Deep Imaging Group at KAUST

    Ravasi, Matteo (2022-08-02) [Poster]
    The Deep Imaging Group is a research group in the Earth Science and Engineering School at KAUST working on many exciting geophysical problems. At DIG we aim to deepen the understanding of the subsurface, which will continue to be our main source of energy for the years to come, from clean gas resources to geothermal, all the way through to carbon storage. We do so by contributing to the development of processing, imaging, and inversion geophysical algorithms which will help geoscientist to make more informed decisions. We believe that with the help of deep learning we can enrich some of our existing geophysical technologies and solve long-standing issues in the solution of very ill-conditioned inverse problem in a variety of geophysical and related applications.
  • Green and More Sustainable Desalination Technologies

    Ghaffour, Noreddine (2022-08-02) [Poster]