Domain-Aware Continual Zero-Shot Learning

We introduce Domain Aware Continual Zero-Shot Learning (DACZSL), the task of visually recognizing images of unseen categories in unseen domains sequentially. We created DACZSL on top of the DomainNet dataset by dividing it into a sequence of tasks, where classes are incrementally provided on seen domains during training and evaluation is conducted on unseen domains for both seen and unseen classes. We also proposed a novel Domain-Invariant CZSL Network (DIN), which outperforms state-of-the-art baseline models that we adapted to DACZSL setting. We adopt a structure-based approach to alleviate forgetting knowledge from previous tasks with a small per-task private network in addition to a global shared network. To encourage the private network to capture the domain and task-specific representation, we train our model with a novel adversarial knowledge disentanglement setting to make our global network task-invariant and domain-invariant over all the tasks. Our method also learns a class-wise learnable prompt to obtain better class-level text representation, which is used to represent side information to enable zero-shot prediction of future unseen classes. Our code and benchmarks are made available at

Yi, K. (2021). Domain-Aware Continual Zero-Shot Learning. KAUST Research Repository.


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