Rebuilding Coral Reefs: A Decadal Grand Challenge

This document is the work of a team assembled by the International Coral Reef Society (ICRS). The mission of ICRS is to promote the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge to secure the future of coral reefs, including via relevant policy frameworks and decision-making processes. This document seeks to highlight the urgency of taking action to conserve and restore reefs through protection and management measures, to provide a summary of the most relevant and recent natural and social science that provides guidance on these tasks, and to highlight implications of these findings for the numerous discussions and negotiations taking place at the global level.

Knowlton, N., Corcoran, E., Felis, T., Ferse, S., de Goeij, J., Grottoli, A., … Wild, C. (2021). Rebuilding Coral Reefs: A Decadal Grand Challenge. doi:10.53642/nrky9386

International Coral Reef Society and Future Earth Coasts


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