Dynamical analysis of turbulent premixed hydrogen/air flames in the thin reaction zone regime

In the current study, tools generated from the computational singular perturbation (CSP) are used to analyze the dynamics that develops in a three-dimensional (3D) turbulent H2/air flame. On top of these tools, the recently proposed tangential stretch rate (TSR) approach is used to obtain physical understanding of the turbulent flame. The analysis is first conducted on a laminar premixed H2/air flame followed by the analysis of the 3D turbulent flame at three distinct time steps. Using algorithmic tools, the flame front was identified along with the dominant processes reaction and transport (diffusive/convective) processes. Furthermore, the overall role of kinetics/transport was determined at each part of the flame.

Combustion Institute

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11th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, ASPACC 2017

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