Genetic diversity and life-history traits of bonefish Albula spp. from the Red Sea

The management of bonefishes Albula spp. has been hindered by unresolved species distributions and a general lack of life history information. We provide the first genetic species identifications of Albula spp. from the northern Indian Ocean. The roundjaw bonefish Albula glossodonta was documented in the Red Sea, and the smallscale bonefish A. oligolepis was identified in the Gulf of Aden with no evidence supporting sympatry. Estimates of genetic differentiation indicate three closely related lineages in A. glossodonta in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean (Red Sea-Pacific Ocean, F =0.295; Red Sea-Seychelles, F =0.193; Pacific Ocean-Seychelles, F =0.141). Additionally, we provide the first life history information from Albula spp. in the Indian Ocean. Aged-based growth models of A. glossodonta from the Red Sea demonstrated statistically significant differences compared to previously published data from the Pacific Ocean. Spawning activity during winter months was derived from gonadosomatic index values of A. glossodonta from the Red Sea and corresponded with spawning seasonality previously documented for the species in the Pacific Ocean. The results of this study aid in refining biogeographical uncertainties of Albula spp. and illustrate the importance of collecting regional growth information for subsequent management of A. glossodonta.

Williams, C. T., McIvor, A. J., Wallace, E. M., Jia, L. Y., & Berumen, M. L. (2020). Refining patterns of species distributions, genetic diversity, and life history traits in bonefish Albula spp. from the Red Sea. Journal of Fish Biology. doi:10.1111/jfb.14638


Journal of fish biology


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