King Abdullah Monument



The King Abdullah Monument area offers a range of habitats to the visiting birdwatcher. The sea front offers good views of the sea where gulls and terns may be observed. The gardens always hold a variety of birds and during migratory periods all sorts of species may turn up. A walk back towards KAUST is highly recommended giving great views over the mangroves were both resident birds and migrants may be seen. Larger herons including spoonbills are frequently seen in the area and Western Ospreys are often found sitting on the lamp posts feasting on a recent catch species of waders, herons and terns frequent the area, attracted by the mudflats, beach and stands of mangrove. There is a bird hide located there which provides an excellent vantage point particularly when the water level is high. The peek viewing times are in the migratory periods but many species also stay in the area during the winter months. In summer, the number of birds is much lower. An early morning visit to the site is recommended because the sun rises behind the hide and the birds are that much easier to observe.

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