This is the third seminar in the Saudi National Seminar series hosted by the KAUST University Library. It was held from April 17 - 18 at KAUST under the theme "Acquisitions in a Digitally Born Library: Best Practices and Challenges". More information is available at the Libguide for the event at:

Recent Submissions

  • Introductory Remarks

    Vijayakumar, J.K. (2019-04-18)
  • An overview of e-resources acquisitions in KAUST

    Kabli, Ola A. (2019-04-18)
    Within a changing and flexible environment and in a digitally born library, this presentation will cover the library electronic resources acquisition lifecycle from receiving the request from the subject specialists until the access is provided going through acquiring quotations, invoices, getting the LA signed, and get it paid by finance in addition to the role we play to serve other university departments. It will address the best practices as well as the challenges throughout the process and how to keep a smooth workflow and highlight on the value of communication between library staff internally and with other departments to meet the patrons needs accurately and promptly. A glance on the number of e- resources, types and number of publishers we’re dealing with will be covered too. With a ‘dealing directly with publishers’ policy we of course are working collaboratively with them to maintain the productive professional relationship. It will also focus on the systems we use and the record keeping for all renewal information including license agreements and make it accessible to stakeholders. The effort of improving and enhancing e- resources acquisition is continuing. With a good future plan and a strategy, future can always be better.
  • Acquisitions process, previously & currently

    Alsaada, Riyam (2019-04-18)
    The library acquisitions - which is called in Princesses Noura University the building and development of information resources- is the department of the central library responsible for the selection and purchase of materials or resources in order to serve the researchers and support the university departments and academic programs. This presentation is going to cover our experience in the acquisition previously and currently.
  • Print Resources Acquisition Process

    Al Qahtani, Ali (2019-04-18)
  • The liaison librarian’s role in the acquisition process

    Han, Lee Yen (2019-04-18) [Presentation]
    As a born-digital user-centric library, KAUST University Library adopts a patron-driven acquisition model which allows patrons to recommend monographs and other resources to be added to the library collection. This presentation focuses on the role of the liaison librarian in this acquisition model and the process which takes place when a recommendation is first initiated by the patron (faculty, researcher, or student), to resource identification, review of license agreements, before the recommendation is handled over to the Acquisitions Team.