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dc.contributor.authorCelik, Abdulkadir
dc.contributor.authorShihada, Basem
dc.contributor.authorAlouini, Mohamed-Slim
dc.identifier.citationCelik, A., Shihada, B., & Alouini, M.-S. (2019). Optical wireless data center networks: potentials, limitations, and prospects. Broadband Access Communication Technologies XIII. doi:10.1117/12.2507643
dc.description.abstractData centers (DCs) are intrinsic to emerging technologies which require to store and process massive amounts of versatile data through large-scale networks of computing and storage units. Conventional wired DC networks (DCNs) with static links and finite network interfaces suffer from cabling cost and complexity as scalability increases, lack the flexibility to handle the dynamic and large volume of traffic outbursts (i.e., hotspots), and have limited bisection bandwidths mainly due to the switching speeds. Therefore, optical wireless DCNs have recently attracted attention by their capability to augment the inherent restrictions of wired DCNs. In addition to the reduced cost of wiring, wireless communication can provide a flexible topology to overcome oversubscriptions and hotspots. Moreover, it is possible to adapt the link capacities in accordance with the quality of service demands of different services and flow classes. Furthermore, wireless communication can also make it possible to eliminate switches by establishing direct links among the servers. In this paper, we first present potential state- of-art optical wireless technologies. Second, practical challenges of design and provisioning of optical wireless communications in real-life DCNs are outlined along with a survey of recent advances and implementations. Finally, we motivate researchers with the exciting prospects of optical wireless DCNs including physical and virtual topology design, interference management, multiple access techniques, traffic management and grooming, and flow classification.
dc.subjectFree space optics
dc.subjectData centers
dc.subjectWireless communications
dc.subjectLight emitting diodes
dc.subjectData storage
dc.subjectNetwork architectures
dc.subjectSignal attenuation
dc.titleOptical wireless data center networks: Potentials, limitations, and prospects
dc.typeConference Paper
dc.contributor.departmentComputer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division
dc.contributor.departmentComputer Science Program
dc.contributor.departmentElectrical Engineering Program
dc.conference.date2019-02-04 to 2019-02-05
dc.conference.nameBroadband Access Communication Technologies XIII 2019
dc.conference.locationSan Francisco, CA, USA
dc.eprint.versionPublisher's Version/PDF
kaust.personCelik, Abdulkadir
kaust.personShihada, Basem
kaust.personAlouini, Mohamed-Slim

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