Art, Science and the Invention of Things That Last


Edwards, David


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Aesthetic Creation Aesthetic creation involves a close collaboration between discovery, invention and cultural exhibition, as well as between learning and producing value. It is typified by the patterns of creative behavior in highly innovative communities like Silicon Valley (for IT) or Boston (for biotech) where cultures of learning, experimentation, and production or commercialization coexist, and where a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration occurs. In this lecture, David Edwardswill highlight the growing movement of aesthetic creation in the arts, sciences and engineering as a path for sustaining and improving the human condition in the longest term. He will highlight aesthetic creation in the light of the culture lab model of Le Laboratoire (Paris, Cambridge) and the new World Frontiers Forum with examples of learning, pubic experimentation and value creation particularly related to the future of sensory experience.

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David Edwards, a creator, writer, and educator, teaches at Harvard University in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He is founder and director of Le Laboratoire in Paris, France. His work, which spans the arts and sciences, has been featured prominently in the international media, and is at the core of a network of art and science labs in Europe, USA and Africa (ArtScience Labs). Beyond David Edwards' scientific publications, for which he was named the youngest member of the National Academy of Engineering, and, later a member of the French National Academy of Engineering, he has written widely on creativity in the arts and sciences.

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Winter Enrichment Program 2018

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