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dc.contributor.authorAbdelhady, Amr Mohamed Abdelaziz
dc.contributor.authorAmin, Osama
dc.contributor.authorChaaban, Anas
dc.contributor.authorShihada, Basem
dc.contributor.authorAlouini, Mohamed-Slim
dc.description.abstractThe continuous improvement in optical energy harvesting devices motivates visible light communication (VLC) system developers to utilize such available free energy sources. An outdoor VLC system is considered where an optical base station sends data to multiple users that are capable of harvesting the optical energy. The proposed VLC system serves multiple users using time division multiple access (TDMA) with unequal time and power allocation, which are allocated to improve the system performance. The adopted optical system provides users with illumination and data communication services. The outdoor optical design objective is to maximize the illumination, while the communication design objective is to maximize the spectral efficiency (SE). The design objectives are shown to be conflicting, therefore, a multiobjective optimization problem is formulated to obtain the Pareto front performance curve for the proposed system. To this end, the marginal optimization problems are solved first using low complexity algorithms. Then, based on the proposed algorithms, a low complexity algorithm is developed to obtain an inner bound of the Pareto front for the illumination-SE tradeoff. The inner bound for the Pareto-front is shown to be close to the optimal Pareto-frontier via several simulation scenarios for different system parameters.
dc.subjectOutdoor Visible light communication
dc.subjectResource allocation
dc.subjectspectral efficiency (SE)
dc.subjectEnergy harvesting
dc.titleSpectral-Efficiency - Illumination Pareto Front for Energy Harvesting Enabled VLC System
dc.contributor.departmentComputer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division
dc.identifier.journalAccepted by IEEE Transactions on Communications
dc.contributor.affiliationKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

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