Systems and Methods for Determining Water-Cut of a Fluid Mixture


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Karimi, Muhammad Akram
Shamim, Atif
Arsalan, Muhammad

King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology
Saudi Arabian Oil Company

KAUST Department
Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division


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Provided in some embodiments are systems and methods for measuring the water content (or water-cut) of a fluid mixture. Provided in some embodiments is a water-cut sensor system that includes a T-resonator, a ground conductor, and a separator. The T-resonator including a feed line, and an open shunt stub conductively coupled to the feed line. The ground conductor including a bottom ground plane opposite the T-resonator and a ground ring conductively coupled to the bottom ground plane, with the feed line overlapping at least a portion of the ground ring. The separator including a dielectric material disposed between the feed line and the portion of the ground ring overlapped by the feed line, and the separator being adapted to electrically isolate the T-resonator from the ground conductor.

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US 20170059492 A1

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