A Boundary Property for Upper Domination

An upper dominating set in a graph is a minimal (with respect to set inclusion) dominating set of maximum cardinality.The problem of finding an upper dominating set is generally NP-hard, but can be solved in polynomial time in some restricted graph classes, such as P4-free graphs or 2K2-free graphs.For classes defined by finitely many forbidden induced subgraphs, the boundary separating difficult instances of the problem from polynomially solvable ones consists of the so called boundary classes.However, none of such classes has been identified so far for the upper dominating set problem.In the present paper, we discover the first boundary class for this problem.

AbouEisha H, Hussain S, Lozin V, Monnot J, Ries B, et al. (2016) A Boundary Property for Upper Domination. Combinatorial Algorithms: 229–240. Available: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-44543-4_18.

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27th International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms, IWOCA 2016


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