Workshop: Creating Your Institutional Research Repository

In 2002, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) proposed the concept of an institutional repository to simultaneously disrupt and enhance the state of scholarly communications in the academic world. Thirteen years later, thousands of universities and other institutions have answered this call, but many more have not due to gaps in budgets, awareness and, most of all, practical guidance on creating an institutional repository. This workshop provides you with an essential primer on what it takes to establish a fully-functioning institutional repository. Every aspect of the process will be covered, including policies, procedures, staffing guidelines, workflows and repository technologies.

Grenz, D. M., & Baessa, M. A. (2016). Workshop: Creating Your Institutional Research Repository. KAUST Research Repository.

Sharjah International Book Fair / American Library Association.

Conference/Event Name
Third Sharjah International Book Fair/ALA Library Conference


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