Targeted viral-mediated plant genome editing using crispr/cas9


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Mahfouz, Magdy M.
Ali, Zahir

King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

KAUST Department
Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering (BESE) Division


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The present disclosure provides a viral-mediated genome-editing platform that facilitates multiplexing, obviates stable transformation, and is applicable across plant species. The RNA2 genome of the tobacco rattle virus (TRV) was engineered to carry and systemically deliver a guide RNA molecules into plants overexpressing Cas9 endonuclease. High genomic modification frequencies were observed in inoculated as well as systemic leaves including the plant growing points. This system facilitates multiplexing and can lead to germinal transmission of the genomic modifications in the progeny, thereby obviating the requirements of repeated transformations and tissue culture. The editing platform of the disclosure is useful in plant genome engineering and applicable across plant species amenable to viral infections for agricultural biotechnology applications.

Application Number
WO 2015189693 A1

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