Miniaturized, low power FGMOSFET radiation sensor and wireless dosimeter system


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Granted Patent

Arsalan, Muhammad
Shamim, Atif
Tarr, Nicholas Garry
Roy, Langis

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

KAUST Department
Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division


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A miniaturized floating gate (FG) MOSFET radiation sensor system is disclosed, The sensor preferably comprises a matched pair of sensor and reference FGMOSFETs wherein the sensor FGMOSFET has a larger area floating gate with an extension over a field oxide layer, for accumulation of charge and increased sensitivity. Elimination of a conventional control gate and injector gate reduces capacitance, and increases sensitivity, and allows for fabrication using standard low cost CMOS technology. A sensor system may be provided with integrated signal processing electronics, for monitoring a change in differential channel current I.sub.D, indicative of radiation dose, and an integrated negative bias generator for automatic pre-charging from a low voltage power source. Optionally, the system may be coupled to a wireless transmitter. A compact wireless sensor System on Package solution is presented, suitable for dosimetry for radiotherapy or other biomedical applications.

Patent Number
US 8519345 B2

Application Number
US 20100096556 A1

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