Dynamic pricing of a resource


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Al-Dawsari, Monther Abdullah
Jamjoom, Hani Talal
Podlaseck, Mark Edward
Qu, Huiming
Ruan, Yaoping
Saure, Denis Roland
Shae, Zon-yin
Sheopuri, Anshul

International Business Machines Corporation
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

KAUST Department
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


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A method of dynamic pricing of a resource is presented. For example, the method includes determining a set of anticipated demands for one or more users to acquire the resource according to uncertainty of the one or more users in preferring one or more certain time periods of a plurality of time periods for acquiring the resource. Prices for the resource differ between at least two of the plurality of time periods. Each anticipated demand of the set is associated with a different one of the plurality of time periods. The method further includes setting prices for the resource during each of the plurality of time periods according to the determined set of anticipated demands. The determining of the set of anticipated demands and/or the setting of prices are implemented as instruction code executed on a processor device.

Patent Number
US 8458011 B2

Application Number
US 20100730660

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