Synthesis and characterization of a novel laser ablation sensitive triazene incorporated epoxy resin


Patole, Archana S.
Hyeon, Jeong min
Hyun, Jung Mn
Kim, Tae Ho
Patole, Shashikant P.
Hong, Dae Jo
Lee, Chang Bo
Choi, Cheol Ho

KAUST Department
Physical Science and Engineering (PSE) Division

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New triazene monomer was synthesized and further employed as a crosslinking agent partner with epoxy matrix using ethyl methyl imidazole as a curing agent in order to investigate the effect of triazene moieties on polymeric properties for laser ablation application. The synthesized triazene monomer was characterized by analytical and spectroscopic methods, while the surface morphology of resist after laser ablation was visualized by optical laser scanning images and scanning electron microscopy. Thermogravimetrical investigations indicate the loss of nitrogen being the initial thermal decomposition step and exhibit sufficient stabilities for the requirements for laser ablation application. Fourier transform infra-red, nuclear magnetic resonance, and gas chromatography analyses showed the successful synthesis of triazene. The ablation results from the optical laser scanning images revealed that the etching depth could be controlled by varying the concentration of triazene monomer in the formulation of epoxy. The shear strength analysis revealed that that the shear strength increased with increasing the amount of triazene in the formulation of direct ablation sensitive resist. © 2014 The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials and Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Patole AS, Hyeon J, Hyun J-M, Kim T-H, Patole SP, et al. (2014) Synthesis and characterization of a novel laser ablation sensitive triazene incorporated epoxy resin. Electron Mater Lett 10: 173–182. Available:

Springer Nature

Electronic Materials Letters


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