Recent Submissions

  • Library Strategic Plan 2019-2024

    University Library, KAUST (University Library, KAUST, 2019-08) [Other]
  • University Library Annual Report 2017/2018

    University Library, KAUST (University Library, KAUST, 2018-09-30) [Report]
    2017/2018 Annual Report
  • Library Strategic Plan 2018-2023

    University Library, KAUST (University Library, KAUST, 2018-09-02) [Other]
  • Library Strategic Plan 2017-2022

    University Library, KAUST (University Library, KAUST, 2017-10-30) [Other]
  • University Library Annual Report 2016/2017

    Vijayakumar, J.K.; Waldron, Jacquelynne; Hall, Garry (2017-10) [Report]
    2016/17 Annual Report
  • An Exploratory study on the use of LibAnswers to Resolve, Track and Monitor Electronic Resources Issues: The KAUST Library experience

    Ramli, Rindra M. (2017-05-03) [Report]
    An Exploratory study on KAUST library use of LibAnswers in resolving electronic resources questions received in LibAnswers. It describes the findings of the questions received in LibAnswers. The author made suggestions based on the findings to improve the reference services in responding to e-resources questions.
  • Electronic Resources Management System: Recommendation Report 2017

    Ramli, Rindra M. (2017-05) [Report]
    This recommendation report provides an overview of the selection process for the new Electronic Resources Management System. The library has decided to move away from Innovative Interfaces Millennium ERM module. The library reviewed 3 system as potential replacements namely: Proquest 360 Resource Manager, Ex Libris Alma and Open Source CORAL ERMS. After comparing and trialling the systems, it was decided to go for Proquest 360 Resource Manager.
  • Summon Post Implementation Interviews Study - Executive Summary

    Ramli, Rindra M. (2017-04-12) [Report]
    This executive report summarizes the interview findings on the use of Summon by our community. Summon is the library's new webscale discovery layer that was launched in May 2016. The findings highlighted that Google Scholar remains the popular resource to search for articles. In addition to that, library website (Koral / Summon) is commonly used to search for known items such as book / electronic book titles. The report also includes the author's short and long term recommendations to address the shortcomings of the present situation.
  • KAUST University Library Strategic Plan, 2016-2021

    Tamarkin, Molly; Hall, Garry (2016-09-05) [Other]
    The University Library's strategic plan covers 2016-2021 and presents the mission, vision, values, and short and long term goals for the library
  • University Library Annual Review 2015/2016

    Tamarkin, Molly; Waldron, Jacquelynne; Hall, Garry (2016-08) [Report]
    2015/16 Annual Report
  • An overview of Research Data Management (RDM) services

    Tyhurst, Janis (2016-06-26) [Report]
    Research Data Management (RDM) is becoming increasingly important to the research lifecycle. As funding agencies required the reuse of data, new services need to be developed to provide faculty and researchers with a foundation to create and utilize RDM plans, as well as facilitate accessibility to archived data. A survey of 32 international peer institutional libraries in science and technology was conducted at the beginning of 2016 to provide information towards establishing RDM services at KAUST.
  • Looking Back: Now We Are Six

    Tamarkin, Molly; Waldron, Jacquelynne (2015-11) [Report]
    2014/15 Annual Report Looking Back: Now We Are Six
  • Recommendation Report: EJournals/EBooks A-Z Management System

    Ramli, Rindra M. (2014) [Report]
    This is a recommendation report for KAUST Library on the Ejournals / EBooks AZ Management systems project. It briefly described the issues faced by the ERM Team, project plan overview and the project findings as well as the recommendation(s).