Experimental investigation of a small-scale thermally driven pressurized adsorption chiller

This paper describes the successful operation of an adsorption cycle in a miniaturized adsorption chiller (AD). The experiments show that the bench-scale pressurized adsorption chiller (PAC) has been successfully designed, commissioned, and tested. Experimental results at various heat fl uxes, half-cycle operation time intervals, and a cooling load of up to 24 W are also presented. A COP ranging from 0.05 to 0.15 is achieved depending on the parameters of the experimental conditions. Most importantly, the cooling performance of the PAC is achieved at a low encasement temperature that is below ambient. Besides having a high cooling density, the PAC has almost no major moving parts except for the fan of the condenser and it permits quiet operation as compared to other active coolers.

Loh, W. S., Bin Ismail, A., Ng, K. C., & Chun, W. G. (2015). EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF A SMALL-SCALE THERMALLY DRIVEN PRESSURIZED ADSORPTION CHILLER. Heat Transfer Research, 46(4), 311–332. doi:10.1615/heattransres.2014006892

Begell House

Heat Transfer Research


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