A Closed-Loop Smart Control System Driving RGB Light Emitting Diodes

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The demand for control systems that are highly capable of driving solid-state optoelectronic devices has significantly increased with the advancement of their efficiency and elevation of their current consumption. This work presents a closed-loop control system that is based on a microcontroller embedded system capable of driving high power optoelectronic devices. In this version of the system, the device in the center of control is a high-power red, green, and blue light emitting diode package. The system features a graphical user interface, namely an Android mobile phone application, in which the user can easily use to vary the light color and intensity of the light-emitting device wirelessly via Bluetooth. Included in the system is a feedback mechanism constituted by a red, green, and blue color sensor through which the user can use to observe feedback color information about the emitted light. The system has many commercial application including in-door lighting and research application including plant agriculture research fields.

Al-Saggaf, A. (2015). A Closed-Loop Smart Control System Driving RGB Light Emitting Diodes. KAUST Research Repository. https://doi.org/10.25781/KAUST-038Z6


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