• 2-periodic metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as supermolecular building layers (SBLs) for making targeted 3-periodic MOFs

      Eddaoudi, Mohamed; Eubank, Jarrod F. (2015-09-22)
      Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for chemical assemblies, multidimensional metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), supermolecular building layers (SBLs), inorganic molecular building blocks (MBBs), organic MBBs (designed ligands), methods of making each, and methods of using each, and the like. In an embodiment, the composition can be used in catalysis, separations, gas storage, and drug delivery.
    • 3-alkyl pyridinium compound from red sea sponge with potent antiviral activity

      Voolstra, Christian R.; O'Rourke, Aubrie; Kremb, Stephan (2016-05-06)
      Method for treating a viral infection in a patient, comprising administering to the patient a therapeutically effective amount of a compound, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, comprising a moiety represented by figure (I), wherein R1 is a saturated or unsaturated bivalent hydrocarbon group. Viruses subject to treatment can include HIV and flaviviruses such as west nile, dengue, or hepatitis C virus. Compositions and methods of isolation and purification are also described including from the Red Sea sponge.
    • 3d noncontact humidity sensing technologies and methods of use thereof

      Tai, Yanlong; Lubineau, Gilles (2017-09-08)
      Noncontact sensing components are provided herein, in an aspect, they can be for an electronic device. The noncontact sensing components can contain a semiconductor layer having a r-GO portion and a CNT portion. The noncontact sensing components can be used to detect the presence or movement of a humidity source in the vicinity of the noncontact sensing component. The resistance/humidity response of the component can be based on the combined contribution of carbon nanotube (positive resistance variation) and reduced-graphene oxide (negative resistance variation) behaviors.
    • Acetone production using silicon nanoparticles and catalyst compositions

      Chaieb, Saharoui; Demellawi, Jehad El; Al-Talla, Zeyad (2015-12-10)
      Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for a catalytic reaction to produce acetone, a catalyst that include a mixture of silicon particles (e.g., about 1 to 20 nm in diameter) and a solvent, and the like.
    • Acoustically excited encapsulated microbubbles and mitigation of biofouling

      Qamar, Adnan; Fortunato, Luca; Leiknes, TorOve (2017-08-31)
      Provided herein is a universally applicable biofouling mitigation technology using acoustically excited encapsulated microbubbles that disrupt biofilm or biofilm formation. For example, a method of reducing biofilm formation or removing biofilm in a membrane filtration system is provided in which a feed solution comprising encapsulated microbubbles is provided to the membrane under conditions that allow the encapsulated microbubbles to embed in a biofilm. Sonication of the embedded, encapsulated microbubbles disrupts the biofilm. Thus, provided herein is a membrane filtration system for performing the methods and encapsulated microbubbles specifically selected for binding to extracellular polymeric substances (EFS) in a biofilm.
    • Active mems microbeam device for gas detection

      Bouchaala, Adam M.; Jaber, Nizar; Younis, Mohammad I. (2017-10-05)
      Sensors and active switches for applications in gas detection and other fields are described. The devices are based on the softening and hardening nonlinear response behaviors of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) clamped-clamped microbeams. In that context, embodiments of gas-triggered MEMS microbeam sensors and switches are described. The microbeam devices can be coated with a Metal-Organic Framework to achieve high sensitivity. For gas sensing, an amplitude-based tracking algorithm can be used to quantify an amount of gas captured by the devices according to frequency shift. Noise analysis is also conducted according to the embodiments, which shows that the microbeam devices have high stability against thermal noise. The microbeam devices are also suitable for the generation of binary sensing information for alarming, for example.
    • Ad hoc networking scheme for mobile cyber-physical systems

      Bader, Ahmed; Alouini, Mohamed-Slim (2017-08-17)
      Embodiments of the present disclosure provide techniques for packet routing. In an embodiment, when a transmitting communication device injects a packet into a communication network, a receiving communication device that is closer to a sink or destination than the transmitting communication device relays the packet in a first hop. In a subsequent hop, a receiving communication device evaluates position information conveyed by the transmitting communication device of the first hop to determine whether to forward the packet. Accordingly, a receiving communication device receiver that offers progress towards the sink can elect to forward the packet.
    • Adaptive Processing for Sequence Alignment

      Zidan, Mohammed A.; Bonny, Talal; Salama, Khaled N. (2012-01-26)
      Disclosed are various embodiments for adaptive processing for sequence alignment. In one embodiment, among others, a method includes obtaining a query sequence and a plurality of database sequences. A first portion of the plurality of database sequences is distributed to a central processing unit (CPU) and a second portion of the plurality of database sequences is distributed to a graphical processing unit (GPU) based upon a predetermined splitting ratio associated with the plurality of database sequences, where the database sequences of the first portion are shorter than the database sequences of the second portion. A first alignment score for the query sequence is determined with the CPU based upon the first portion of the plurality of database sequences and a second alignment score for the query sequence is determined with the GPU based upon the second portion of the plurality of database sequences.
    • Air-stable surface-passivated perovskite quantum dots (qds), methods of making these qds, and methods of using these qds

      Pan, Jun; Sarmah, Smritakshi Phukan; Mohammed, Omar F.; Bakr, Osman (2017-05-11)
      Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for passivated quantum dots, methods of making passivated quantum dots, methods of using passivated quantum dots, and the like.
    • Alkaloids from sponge, scaffolds for the inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)

      O'Rourke, Aubrie; Kremb, Stephan; Voolstra, Christian R. (2016-05-06)
      Anti-viral compounds with low cytotoxicity are identified from screening of products found in Red Sea sponges, including the sponge Stylissa carteri. The identified compounds can be brominated pyrrole-2- aminoimidazole alkaloids and derivatives thereof. Specific examples of identified compounds include oroidin, hymenialdisine, and debromohymenialdisine, as well as derivatives thereof. The compounds also can be useful scaffolds or pharmacores for further chemical modification and derivatization. Selected compounds, particularly oroidin, show selective anti-viral HIV-1 activity coupled with reduced cytotoxicity. The compounds can function as HIV reverse-transcriptase inhibitors, and molecular modeling can be used to confirm inhibition.
    • Alkane metathesis catalyst, methods of use and the preparation thereof

      Basset, Jean-Marie; Callens, Emmanuel; Riache, Nassima; Samantaray, Manoja K.; Abou-Hamad, Edy (2015-06-04)
      An alkane metathesis catalyst can include a high oxidation state Group V, VI or VH metal alkyl on an oxide support.
    • All-printed paper memory

      He, Jr-Hau; Lin, Chun-Ho; Lien, Der-Hsien (2016-08-11)
      All-printed paper-based substrate memory devices are described. In an embodiment, a paper-based memory device is prepared by coating one or more areas of a paper substrate with a conductor material such as a carbon paste, to form a first electrode of a memory, depositing a layer of insulator material, such as titanium dioxide, over one or more areas of the conductor material, and depositing a layer of metal over one or more areas of the insulator material to form a second electrode of the memory. In an embodiment, the device can further include diodes printed between the insulator material and the second electrode, and the first electrode and the second electrodes can be formed as a crossbar structure to provide a WORM memory. The various layers and the diodes can be printed onto the paper substrate by, for example, an ink jet printer.
    • All-printed paper-based memory

      He, Jr-Hau; Lin, Chun-Ho; Lien, Der-Hsien (2016-06-16)
      All-printed paper-based substrate memory devices are described which can be prepared by a process that includes coating, using a screen printer, one or more areas of a paper substrate (102) with a conductor material (104), such as a carbon paste, to form a first electrode, depositing, with an ink jet printer, a layer of resistance switching insulator material (106), such as titanium dioxide, over one or more areas of the conductor material, and depositing, with an ink jet printer, a layer of metal (108), such as silver, over one or more areas of the titanium dioxide to form a second electrode.
    • Amine Functionalized Porous Network

      Eddaoudi, Mohamed; Guillerm, Vincent; Weselinski, Lukasz Jan; Alkordi, Mohamed H.; Mohideen, Mohamed Infas Haja; Belmabkhout, Youssef (2015-05-28)
      Amine groups can be introduced in porous materials by a direct (one pot) or post-synthetic modification (PSM) process on aldehyde groups, and the resulting porous materials have increased gas affinity.
    • Ammonia Sensor Using Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy

      Farooq, Aamir; Owen, Kyle (2015-09-01)
      An ammonia sensor can include a laser detector configured to provide stable sample readings. The sensor can implement a method including processing the recorded intensity of the laser beam to determine a first harmonic component and a second harmonic component and the amount of ammonia in the sample.
    • Anaerobic electrochemical membrane bioreactor and process for wastewater treatment

      Amy, Gary; Katuri, Krishna; Werner, Craig; Saikaly, Pascal; Sandoval, Rodrigo Jimenez; Lai, Zhiping; Chen, Wei; Jeon, Sungil (2015-07-09)
      An anaerobic electrochemical membrane bioreactor (AnEMBR) can include a vessel into which wastewater can be introduced, an anode electrode in the vessel suitable for supporting electrochemically active microorganisms (EAB, also can be referred to as anode reducing bacteria, exoelectrogens, or electricigens) that oxidize organic compounds in the wastewater, and a cathode membrane electrode in the vessel, which is configured to pass a treated liquid through the membrane while retaining the electrochemically active microorganisms and the hydrogenotrophic methanogens (for example, the key functional microbial communities, including EAB, methanogens and possible synergistic fermenters) in the vessel. The cathode membrane electrode can be suitable for catalyzing the hydrogen evolution reaction to generate hydro en.
    • Analytic device including nanostructures

      Di Fabrizio, Enzo M.; Fratalocchi, Andrea; Totero Gongora, Juan Sebastian; Coluccio, Maria Laura; Candeloro, Patrizio; Cuda, Gianni (2015-07-02)
      A device for detecting an analyte in a sample comprising: an array including a plurality of pixels, each pixel including a nanochain comprising: a first nanostructure, a second nanostructure, and a third nanostructure, wherein size of the first nanostructure is larger than that of the second nanostructure, and size of the second nanostructure is larger than that of the third nanostructure, and wherein the first nanostructure, the second nanostructure, and the third nanostructure are positioned on a substrate such that when the nanochain is excited by an energy, an optical field between the second nanostructure and the third nanostructure is stronger than an optical field between the first nanostructure and the second nanostructure, wherein the array is configured to receive a sample; and a detector arranged to collect spectral data from a plurality of pixels of the array.
    • Anti-cancer Lead Molecule

      Sagar, Sunil; Kaur, Mandeep; Esau, Luke E. (2014-04-17)
      Derivatives of plumbagin can be selectively cytotoxic to breast cancer cells. Derivative `A` (Acetyl Plumbagin) has emerged as a lead molecule for testing against estrogen positive breast cancer and has shown low hepatotoxicity as well as overall lower toxicity in nude mice model. The toxicity of derivative `A` was determined to be even lower than vehicle control (ALT and AST markers). The possible mechanism of action identified based on the microarray experiments and pathway mapping shows that derivative `A` could be acting by altering the cholesterol-related mechanisms. The low toxicity profile of derivative `A` highlights its possible role as future anti-cancer drug and/or as an adjuvant drug to reduce the toxicity of highly toxic chemotherapeutic drugs
    • Apparatus and method for improved desalination

      Ng, Kim Choon; Thu, Kyaw; Hideharu, Yanagi; Saha, Bidyut Baran; Chakraborty, Anutosh; Al-Ghasham, Tawfiq (2009-12-30)
      A water desalination system comprising an evaporator for evaporating saline water to produce water vapor; a condenser for condensing the water vapor; wherein the evaporator and the condenser are in heat transfer communication such that heat used by the evaporator is at least in part derived from the condenser.
    • Apparatus and method for lagrangian precipitation sensing

      Claudel, Christian G.; Abdelkader, Mohamed; Shaqura, Mohammad; Hoteit, Ibrahim (2015-06-18)
      A weather measurement system can include an aerial vehicle. An array of accelerometers can be disposed across the surface of the aerial vehicle. The accelerometers can be configured to measure raindrops impacting the surface. The measurements can include number per unit time and intensity. The system can include a processing unit configured to receive measurement data from the array and to process the measurement data into preprocessed data.