• Methods for controlling root parasitic weeds: inhibitors of seed germination in striga

      Al-Babili, Salim; AROLD, Stefan Theodor; Hameed, Umar Farook Shahul (2018-10-18)
      Herbicides, systems, and methods for inhibiting germination of a root parasitic plant are provided. In particular, the herbicide includes an active compound represented by Formula 1. In this regard, the active compound is selected to bind to an active site of strigolactone receptors in seeds of the root parasitic plant.
    • Apparatus, system and method for inspecting composite structures using quantitative infra-red thermography

      Villette, Thibault; Traidia, Abderrazak; Amer, Ayman Mohamed Mahmoud; Abdel Latif, Fadl Hicham Fadl (2018-10-18)
      A system and method for inspecting a surface of a structure for defects includes an inspection apparatus having a heating device for heating a section of the surface of the structure, an infrared camera for receiving infrared radiation from the surface in response to heating, a controller configured to generate thermographs from the received infrared radiation, and a communication device. A training system includes an expert system module configured to determine correlations between a set of thermographs generated by a thermal simulation of modeled structural elements with defects, and parameters of the modeled structural elements. A computer system communicatively coupled to the training system and the inspection apparatus, is adapted to receive thermographs received from the inspection apparatus and to detect quantitative parameters of defects in the structure using the correlations obtained from the training system.
    • Energy storage by reversible inverse crystallization

      Saidaminov, Makhsud I.; Bakr, Osman; de Bastiani, Michele (2018-10-18)
      Embodiments of the present disclosure describe a method of energy storage and release based on crystallization-dissolution comprising heating a solute-solvent system to decrease a solubility of a solute in the solvent and induce crystal formation; cooling a solute-solvent system to increase the solubility of the solute in the solvent and induce crystal dissolution; wherein energy is stored in the crystal upon heating and released from the crystal upon cooling.
    • Treated iron ore catalysts for production of hydrogen and graphene

      Basset, Jean-Marie; Zhou, Lu; ENAKONDA, Linga Reddy (2018-10-18)
      Embodiments of the present disclosure describe a treated iron ore catalyst. Embodiments of the present disclosure further describe a method of preparing a treated iron ore catalyst comprising dehydrating an iron ore, milling the iron ore to a selected particle size, and reducing the iron ore to form a treated iron ore catalyst. Another embodiment of the present disclosure is a method of using a treated iron ore catalyst comprising contacting a feed gas with a treated iron ore catalyst to produce hydrogen and graphene.
    • Methods of capturing of co2 and h2o

      Cadiau, Amandine; Adil, Karim; Belmabkhout, Youssef; Bhatt, Prashant; Eddaoudi, Mohamed (2018-10-11)
      Embodiments of the present disclosure describe a method of capturing chemical species from a fluid composition comprising providing a metal-organic framework characterized by the formula M a M b F 5 (O/H 2 O)(pyrazine) 2 · x (solv), wherein M a is Ni 2+ ; M b is Nb 5+ , Al 3+ , or Fe 3+ ; x is from 0 to 10 and solv is one or more of H 2 O, CO 2 , DMF, EtOH, NMP, MeOH; contacting the metal-organic framework with a fluid composition including H 2 O, CO 2 , and one or more other chemical species; and capturing H 2 O and CO 2 simultaneously from the fluid composition.
    • Pop-up virtual reality viewer for an electronic display such as in a mobile device

      AL ZAYDI, Abdulwahid Awad; AL ZAYDI, Mohammed Awad (2018-10-11)
      A virtual reality viewer may be integrated with printed materials, such as pamphlets, flyers, magazines, or books. A user may be able to review the printed material regarding the advertised products or services and then activate a virtual reality scene on an electronic display, such as the user's mobile device, that provides the user with more information regarding the products or services. The virtual reality viewer may be attached to pages in the printed materials and constructed in a manner such that the viewer pops up when the pages are opened. The user may place a mobile device in the viewer and/or access an integrated display to view a virtual reality scene related to content in the printed materials.
    • Achieving safe and stable anodes for li ion, li-s and li-air batteries: enhanced li +-solvent coordination in electrolytes

      Li, Lain-Jong; Ming, Jun (2018-10-11)
      Lithium batteries, electrolytes configured for use in lithium batteries, and methods of preparing stable lithium batteries are provided. The electrolyte includes a lithium ion source, an ether-based solvent, and an inorganic salt represented by the formula MA, wherein M is selected from the group consisting of Li + , Na + , K + , Ca 2+ , Mg 2+ , and Al 3+ , and A is selected from the group consisting of F - , Cl - , Br - , I - , NO 3 \n - , SO 4 \n 2- , CO 3 \n 2- , and PO 4 \n 3- . In this regard, the inorganic salt provides coordination cores for lithium ion aggregation.
    • Combustion arrester quantification systems and methods

      Damazo, Jason Scott; Lacoste, Deanna; Kwon, Eddie; Roberts, William Lafayette (2018-10-04)
      Systems and methods for quantifying combustion arrester performance are disclosed. Methods include filling an upstream volume and a combustion arrester with a flammable gas, igniting the flammable gas in the upstream volume (and upstream of the combustion arrester), measuring a composition of gas discharged from the combustion arrester due to ignition of the flammable gas, and quantifying the performance of the combustion arrester based on the composition of gas measured. The measured gas composition may include types and/or amounts of combustion species within the gas discharged from the combustion arrester.
    • Combustion arrester test systems and methods

      Kwon, Eddie; Damazo, Jason Scott; Lacoste, Deanna; Roberts, William Lafayette (2018-10-04)
      Systems, kits, and methods for testing a combustion arrester are disclosed. Systems include an upstream chamber, a downstream chamber, and a combustion arrester between the upstream chamber and the downstream chamber. The upstream chamber includes an ignition port configured to receive an ignition source. And, the upstream chamber defines a convergent duct that converges toward the combustion arrester and terminates at the combustion arrester. The upstream chamber may include a hierarchical series of modular shell sections that define the convergent duct. The downstream chamber may include a series of modular shell sections.
    • Rare earth-based metal-organic framework for moisture removal and control in confined spaces

      Eddaoudi, Mohamed; AbdulHalim, Rasha; Belmabkhout, Youssef (2018-10-04)
      A method for preparing a metal-organic framework (MOF) comprising contacting one or more of a rare earth metal ion component with one or more of a tetratopic ligand component, sufficient to form a rare earth-based MOF for controlling moisture in an environment. A method of moisture control in an environment comprising adsorbing and/or desorbing water vapor in an environment using a MOF, the MOF including one or more of a rare earth metal ion component and one or more of a tetratopic ligand component. A method of controlling moisture in an environment comprising sensing the relative humidity in the environment comprising a MOF; and adsorbing water vapor on the MOF if the relative humidity is above a first level, sufficient to control moisture in an environment. The examples relate to a MOF created from 1,2,4,5-Tetrakis(4-carboxyphenyl)benzene (BTEB) as tetratopic ligand, 2-fluorobenzoic acid and Y(NO3)3, Tb(NO3)3 and Yb(NO3)3 as rare earth metals.
    • Compositions and methods for preparing cd34neg stem cells for transplant

      Merzaban, Jasmeen; Abu Samra, Dina Bashir Kamil; Al-Amoodi, Asma S. (2018-09-27)
      It has been discovered that CD34 neg cells, for example HSPCs, can be modified to increase their ability to migrate and to engraft in bone marrow. One embodiment provides a method for modifying CD34 neg cells by using glycosyltransferase-programmed stereosubstitution (GPS) to create relevant selectin-binding glycan determinants on the cell surface. For example, the CD34 neg cells can be treated with a fucosyltransferase, such as an α(1,3)-linkage-specific fucosyltransferase. Representative enzymes that can be used include, but are not limited to fucosyltransferase VI (FTVI or FucT-6) or fucosyltransferase VII (FTVII of FucT-7). These enzymes specifically places a fucose onto a terminal type 2-lactosamine unit; if that lactosamine is capped with an α(2,3)-linked sialic acid, sLe x is created.
    • Gas sensor, gas sensor system, and method of making and using a gas sensor and gas sensor system

      Mishra, Himanshu; Subramanian, Navaladian (2018-09-13)
      A sensor system includes a vessel and a first electrode arranged on an exterior of the vessel. The first electrode, which includes iridium oxide, is electrochemically formed on an adhesive layer which is arranged on the exterior of the vessel. An electrolyte is arranged within the vessel. A second electrode is in contact with the electrolyte in the vessel. An opening is at a bottom of the vessel. The opening is configured to allow the electrolyte to contact the second electrode.
    • Low energy wireless communication devices, systems, and methods

      Bilal, Rana Muhammad; Shamim, Atif (2018-09-13)
      A low energy wireless communication beacon broadcasts an advertisement using a low energy wireless communication protocol. Information is communicated between the low energy wireless communication beacon and a server over a backhaul communication link using the low energy wireless communication protocol.
    • Wavy channel flexible thin-film-transistor on a flexible substrate and method of producing such a thin-film-transistor

      Hanna, Amir Nabil; Hussain, Muhammad Mustafa (2018-09-13)
      A method for producing a thin-film-transistor involves forming a flexible substrate on a rigid substrate, forming a plurality of fins and trenches in a structural layer arranged on the flexible substrate, forming a wavy gate layer, channel layer, source contact layer, and drain contact layer on each of the plurality of fins and each of a plurality of trenches of the structural layer, and removing the plurality of fins and trenches having the wavy gate, channel, source contact, and drain contact layers from the rigid substrate.
    • Fluid characteristic sensor, sensor system, and method

      Karimi, Muhammad Akram; Shamim, Atif (2018-09-13)
      A sensor includes a planar T-resonator and an oscillator. The planar T- resonator can be a branched T-resonator with at least two symmetrical branches coupled to a stub. The oscillator has an input coupled to the planar T-resonator and an output. The oscillator has a negative resistance within a predetermined frequency range. The oscillator can be configured so that it has an input phase approximately equal to a phase of the planar T-resonator over a majority of the predetermined frequency range.
    • Compound, light emitting material and organic light emitting element

      Ishikawa, Yuma; Tsuchiya, Youichi; Adachi, Chihaya; Bredas, Jean-Luc; Chen, Xiankai (2018-09-07)
      A compound according to the present invention, which has a structure represented by general formula AA is useful as a light emitting material. In the general formula, at least one of R1-R9 represents a substituent; each of Y1-Y3 represents a methylene group, a carbonyl group, a thiocarbonyl group, an imino group, an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom or a sulfonyl group; and Z represents a nitrogen atom, a boron atom or a phosphine oxide group.
    • Transmission electron microscope sample alignment system and method

      Zhang, Daliang; Han, Yu; Li, Kun; Zhu, Yihan (2018-09-04)
      A system and method involve applying an electron beam to a sample and obtaining an image of the sample with the applied electron beam. An orientation of the sample relative to the sample's zone axis is automatically determined based on a distribution of reflections in the image. The orientation of the sample is automatically adjusted to align with the sample's zone axis based on the determined orientation.
    • Image series alignment system and method

      Zhang, Daliang; Han, Yu; Li, Kun; Zhu, Yihan (2018-09-04)
      A system and method involve receiving a sequence of images of an object with at least two consecutive images of the sequence being spatially shifted relative to each other. Each image is transformed into a Fourier domain using a Fourier transform to generate a corresponding plurality of Fourier transformed images. An amplitude filtered pattern is calculated in the Fourier domain based on amplitude components of the plurality of Fourier transformed images. Spatial shifts for pairs of consecutive images in the sequence of images are determined using the amplitude filtered pattern. Images in the sequence of images are aligned based on the determined spatial shifts and the aligned images are summed to form an image-shift-corrected summed image.
    • Integration of iii-nitride nanowire on transparent conductive substrates for optoelectronic and electronic devices

      Ooi, Boon S.; Prabaswara, Aditya; Janjua, Bilal; Ng, Tien Khee (2018-08-30)
      A dislocation-free GaN/InGaN-based nanowires-LED epitaxially grown on a transparent, electrically conductive template substrate. The simultaneous transparency and conductivity are provided by a thin, translucent metal contact integrated with a quartz substrate. The light transmission properties of the translucent metal contact are tunable during epitaxial growth of the nanowires LED. Transparent light emitting diodes (LED) devices, optical circuits, solar cells, touch screen displays, and integrated photonic circuits can be implemented using the current platform.
    • Light converting luminescent composite materials

      SAIDAMINOV, Mukhsud; Zhang, Yuhai; Pan, Jun; Dursun, Ibrahim; ABDELSABOOR, Omar Mohammed; Bakr, Osman (2018-08-16)
      Described herein are compositions and methods relating to light converting luminescent composite materials.