• Wavefront Sensor and Method of Reconstructing Distorted Wavefronts

      Wang, Congli; Fu, Qiang; Dun, Xiong; Heidrich, Wolfgang (2019-08-29) [Patent]
      A wavefront sensor includes a mask and a sensor utilized to capture a diffraction pattern generated by light incident to the mask. A reference image is captured in response to a plane wavefront incident on the mask, and another measurement image is captured in response to a distorted wavefront incident on the mask. The distorted wavefront is reconstructed based on differences between the reference image and the measurement image.
    • Catalysts for co2 hydrogenation

      Basset, Jean-Marie; Huang, Kuo-Wei; Hengne, Amol Mahalingappa; ENAKONDA, Linga Reddy (2019-06-27) [Patent]
    • Dehydrocyclisation catalyst for hydrocarbons

      Basset, Jean-Marie; AL MAKSOUD, Walid; Gevers, Lieven; Vittenet, Jullian (2019-02-21) [Patent]
      Embodiments of the present disclosure describe a catalyst for dehydrocyclisation of hydrocarbons comprising a suitable support and an organometallic complex or a coordination compound including at least a dehydrogenation metal, wherein the dehydrogenation metal of the organometallic complex or coordination compound is grafted to a selected site of the suitable support. Embodiments of the present disclosure further describe a method of preparing a dehydrocyclisation catalyst for hydrocarbons comprising grafting a dehydrogenation metal of an organometallic complex or coordination compound to a selected site of a suitable support to form the dehydrocyclisation catalyst. Another embodiment of the present disclosure is a method of dehydrocyclisation of hydrocarbons comprising contacting a hydrocarbon with a dehydrocyclisation catalyst to convert the hydrocarbon to an aromatic compound, wherein the dehydrocyclisation catalyst includes a dehydrogenation metal grafted to a selected site of a suitable support.
    • Process and supported complex catalysts for the oxidation and/or ammoxidation of olefin; their preparation method

      Barman, Samir; SAMANTARAY, Manoja Kumar; Saih, Youssef; Basset, Jean-Marie; HAMMAD, Edy ABOU; Taoufik, Mostafa; Merle, Nicolas; SZETO, Kai Chung; LE QUEMENER, Frederic; De Mallmann, Aimery (2019-02-14) [Patent]
      Embodiments of the present disclosure describe a catalyst and/or a precatalyst, in particular a single site catalyst and/or a single site precatalyst, for the oxidation and/or ammoxidation of olefins to produce aldehydes and/or nitriles, methods of preparing a corresponding catalyst and/or precatalyst, in particular single site catalyst and/or single site precatalyst, and methods of using said catalyst and/or precatalyst, in particular said single site catalyst and/or single site precatalyst, to produce aldehydes and/or nitriles.
    • Method for preparing microstructure arrays on the surface of thin film material

      Wang, Peng; Tang, Bo; Zhang, Lianbin (2018-06-13) [Patent]
      Methods are provided for growing a thin film of a nanoscale material. Thin films of nanoscale materials are also provided. The films can be grown with microscale patterning. The method can include vacuum filtration of a solution containing the nanostructured material through a porous substrate. The porous substrate can have a pore size that is comparable to the size of the nanoscale material. By patterning the pores on the surface of the substrate, a film can be grown having the pattern on a surface of the thin film, including on the top surface opposite the substrate. The nanoscale material can be graphene, graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide, molybdenum disulfide, hexagonal boron nitride, tungsten diselenide, molybdenum trioxide, or clays such as montmorillonite or lapnotie. The porous substrate can be a porous organic or inorganic membrane, a silicon stencil membrane, or similar membrane having pore sizes on the order of microns.
    • Processes and apparatus for inhibiting membrane bio-fouling

      Missimer, Thomas M.; Ng, Kim Choon; Amy, Gary L. (2014-05-08) [Patent]
      Certain embodiments are directed to a process and apparatus for cleaning and/or regeneration of permeable or semipermeable membranes comprising modulating pressure of a feed stream feeding the permeable or semipermeable membrane and providing intermittent pressure pulses for cleaning and/or regeneration of the permeable or semipermeable membrane.
    • Self-powered functional device using on-chip power generation

      Hussain, Muhammad Mustafa (2012-12-27) [Patent]
      An apparatus, system, and method for a self-powered device (100) using on-chip power generation. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes a substrate (118), a power generation module (114, 106, 110, 112) on the substrate, and a power storage module (108) on the substrate. The power generation module may include a thermoelectric generator (106) made of bismuth telluride.
    • Nanowires-based light emitters on thermally and electrically conductive substrates and of making same

      Ooi, Boon S.; Zhao, Chao; Ng, Tien Khee (2018-08-29) [Patent]
      Elemental or compound semiconductors on metal substrates and methods of growing them are provided. The methods can include the steps of: (i) providing a metal substrate; (ii) adding an interlayer on a surface of the metal substrate, and (iii) growing semiconductor nanowires on the interlayer using a semiconductor epitaxy growth system to form the elemental or compound semiconductor. The method can include direct growth of high quality group III-V and group III-N based materials in the form of nanowires and nanowires-based devices on metal substrates. The nanowires on all- metal scheme greatly simplifies the fabrication process of nanowires based high power light emitters.
    • Dianhydrides, polyimides derived from biscatecol, methods of making, and methods of use

      Ma, Xiaohua (2018-09-26) [Patent]
      The present disclosure provides for a multi-anhydride, a polyimide, a method of making a dianhydride, a method making a multi-anhydride, a method of making a polyimide, and the like.
    • Genetically encoded biotin and biotin-analogs and use thereof

      Hohl, Adrian; Eppinger, Jörg (2018-11-15) [Patent]
      Embodiments of the present disclosure describe non-canonical amino acids characterized by the formula A—L—B, where A is an amino acid, L is a linker, and B is a biotin or a biotin-analog group. Embodiments describe translation systems comprising an orthogonal tRNA; an orthogonal aminoacyl-tRNA-synthetase, and a non- canonical amino acid with a biotin-containing side-chain or biotin-analog-containing side-chain; wherein the O-RS preferentially aminoacylates the O-tRNA with the non- canonical amino acid; wherein the non-canonical amino acid is incorporated into a protein at a specific site during translation
    • Integrated circuit manufacturing for low-profile and flexible devices

      Hussain, Muhammad Mustafa; Rojas, Jhonathan Prieto (2013-01-17) [Patent]
      [0040) A process for manufacturing low-profile and flexible integrated circuits includes manufacturing an integrated circuit on a wafer having a thickness larger than the desired thickness. After the integrated circuit is manufactured the integrated circuit may be released with a portion of the wafer leaving a remainder of the bulk portion of the wafer. A second integrated circuit may be manufactured on the remainder of the wafer and the process repeated to manufacture additional integrated circuits from a single wafer. The integrated circuits may be released from the wafer by etching vias through the integrated circuit and into the wafer. The via may be used to start an etch process inside the wafer that undercuts the integrated circuit separating the integrated circuit from the wafer.
    • Cholesteryl ester transfer protein (cetp) inhibition in the treatment of cancer

      Kaur, Mandeep; Esau, Luke E.; Sagar, Sunii (2018-01-03) [Patent]
      In one embodiment, the invention provides methods of treatment which use therapeutically effective amounts of Choleste ryl Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) inhibitors to treat a variety of cancers. In certain embodiments, the inhibitor is a CETP-inhibiting small molecule, CETP-inhibiting antisense oligonucleotide, CETP-inhibiting siRNA or a CETP- inhibiting antibody. Related pharmaceutical compositions, kits, diagnostics and screens are also provided.
    • Trace and low concentration co2 removal methods and apparatus utilizing metal organic frameworks

      Eddaoudi, Mohamed; Belmabkhout, Youssef; Shekhah, Osama (2017-07-12) [Patent]
      In general, this disclosure describes techniques for removing trace and low concentration CO 2 from fluids using SIFSIX-n-M MOFs, wherein n is at least two and M is a metal. In some embodiments, the metal is zinc or copper. Embodiments include devices comprising SIFSIX-n-M MOFs for removing CO 2 from fluids. In particular, embodiments relate to devices and methods utilizing SIFSIX-n-M MOFs for removing CO 2 from fluids, wherein CO 2 concentration is trace. Methods utilizing SIFSIX-n-M MOFs for removing CO 2 from fluids can occur in confined spaces. SIFSIX-n-M MOFs can comprise bidentate organic ligands. In a specific embodiment, SIFSIX-n-M MOFs comprise pyrazine or dipryidilacetylene ligands.
    • Submicron resolution spectral-domain optical coherence tomography

      Alarousu, Erkki; Jabbour, Ghassan E. (2013-11-14) [Patent]
      Apparatuses and systems for submicron resolution spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) are disclosed. The system may use white light sources having wavelengths within 400-1000 nanometers, and achieve resolution below 1 μιη. The apparatus is aggregated into a unitary piece, and a user can connect the apparatus to a user provided controller and/or light source. The light source may be a supercontinuum source.
    • Methods of analyzing carbon nanostructures, methods of preparation of analytes from carbon nanostructures, and systems for analyzing carbon nanostructures

      COSTA, Pedro Miquel Ferreira Joaquim DA; Patole, Shashikant P.; Yapici, Tahir; Warsama, Bashir H.; Simoes, Filipa Fernandes (2018-01-10) [Patent]
      Provided herein is a method determining the concentration of impurities in a carbon material, comprising: mixing a flux and a carbon material to form a mixture, wherein the carbon material is selected from the group consisting of graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerene, carbon onions, graphite, carbon fibers, and a combination thereof; heating the mixture using microwave energy to form fused materials; dissolution of the fused materials in an acid mixture; and measuring the concentration of one or more impurities.
    • Method for determining heterologous biosynthesis pathways

      Gao, Xin; Kuwahara, Hiroyuki; Alazmi, Meshari Saud; Cui, Xuefeng (2018-10-24) [Patent]
      The present invention relates to a method and system for dynamically analyzing, determining, predicting and displaying ranked suitable heterologous biosynthesis pathways for a specified host. The present invention addresses the problem of finding suitable pathways for the endogenous metabolism of a host organism because the efficacy of heterologous biosynthesis is affected by competing endogenous pathways. The present invention is called MRE (Metabolic Route Explorer), and it was conceived and developed to systematically and dynamically search for, determine, analyze, and display promising heterologous pathways while considering competing endogenous reactions in a given host organism.
    • Composite epigenetic biomarkers for accurate screening, diagnosis and prognosis of colorectal cancer

      Bajic, Vladimir B.; Incitti, Roberto; Mansour, Hicham (2018-11-22) [Patent]
      The present disclosure concerns particular biomarkers for screening, diagnosing and/or prognosticating colorectal cancer, in particular in an accurate manner. The methods and compositions concern analysis of methylation patterns of one or more of 176 methylatable genomic DNA regions identified as described herein. In particular embodiments there are methods of detecting methylatable regions in genomic sequences.
    • Combination comprising parthenolide for use in the treatment of alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders

      Bajic, Vladimir B.; Essack, Magbubah (2015-04-01) [Patent]
      The present invention generally concerns particular methods and compositions for treatment of a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer's Disease. In particular embodiments, there is a composition comprising Parthenolide and a second agent, including an inhibitor of TLR4/MD-2/CD14, nAChR agonist, Resatorvid, Curcumin, Tilorone or a Tilorone analog, or a combination thereof.
    • Device and method for microfluidics-based 3d bioprinting

      Hauser, Charlotte; Rauf, Sakandar (2018-11-15) [Patent]
      The present invention relates to a device and a method for building a 3D object by mixing a bioink solution, a buffer solution capable of inducing gelation of the bioink solution and a dispersion containing micro and/or nanoparticles, and ejecting the formed hydrogel out of a nozzle. The present invention further relates to a method of obtaining a hydrogel.
    • Metal organic framework absorben platforms for removal of co2 and h2s from natural gas

      Belmabkhout, Youssef; Eddaoudi, Mohamed; Adil, Karim; Cadiau, Amandine; Bhatt, Prashant (2018-04-04) [Patent]
      Provided herein are metal organic frameworks comprising metal nodes and N-donor organic ligands which have high selectivity and stability in the present of gases and vapors including H 2 S, H 2 O, and CO 2 . Methods include capturing one or more of H 2 S, H 2 O, and CO 2 from fluid compositions, such as natural gas.