Effect of Wetting and Contamination of Granular Beds During Sphere Impact

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This thesis presents results from an experimental study of the impact of dense solid spheres onto granular beds. The overall aim is to further our understanding of the dynamical response of granular materials to impact. In order to do this, we will study both the initial penetration stages and peak acceleration exerted on the sphere by using high-speed imaging. Another critical part is to measure the penetration depth of the sphere and calculate the corresponding depth-averaged stopping force. Both of these main focal points will be assessed for not only dry, but wet and “contaminated” grains, whereby the granular bed will be comprised of two distinct size ranges of base grains. In doing so, we aim to broadly determine whether contaminated grains or wet grains are more effective at increasing the tensile strength of granular materials.

Kouraytem, N. (2013). Effect of Wetting and Contamination of Granular Beds During Sphere Impact. KAUST Research Repository. https://doi.org/10.25781/KAUST-4L8Y3


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