KAUST Research Conference on Computational and Experimental Interfaces of Big Data and Biotechnology, January 201625

We are all witnessing an explosion in the volumes of biological data generated by the latest high-throughput technologies. It is likely that the rate of increase in data volumes will expand even further in the future. The enormity of volumes, complexity and interdependence of data all pose analytical challenges. What to make out of data? How to analyze it? What is the deeply hidden knowledge buried under this complexity? These are just some of the questions that contemporary life sciences in general and bioinformatics in particular have to grapple with in the quest to improve lives through knowledge discovery. Challenges arising from size and complexity of data sets are not unique to life sciences; examples are high-energy physics, climate science, astrophysics, national security data, etc. What is common to all these fields is that the analysis of data in such cases requires a new approach in the paradigm of Big Data and exascale computing. In this seminar, some of the state-of-the-art approaches to Big Data challenges will be discussed. The seminar presents an opportunity for those who generate data and those who analyze it to discuss possible ways forward towards more efficient analysis, knowledge discovery and modeling. Conference web site: http://www.cbrc.kaust.edu.sa/cbrcweb/sp/bd2016.php


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